Hello! I’m Dan Ivanovich!

I’m a final-semester Computer Engineering student at Columbia University, interested in the intersection of hardware, software, and security. Available for full-time roles starting January 2025 or later.

I’m currently interning as an Embedded Security Researcher at Red Balloon Security and working as a volunteer web developer for Toontown Rewritten. For more details about my experience, see my LinkedIn.

On this site, I keep a (mostly) up-to-date porfolio and a (currently-inactive) blog in which I explain some of my projects in-depth, create tutorials, share code that could be useful to others, and once logged my work for Energize Andover.

If you’d like to learn more about my work or reach out, feel free to check out my portfolio, GitHub, or LinkedIn, or email me at d.ivanovich@columbia.edu