Building Energy Boot Camp 2018 - Day 5

Today was a short day for those who were there; I kept up with the work I missed remotely. The meeting only ran for half of its usual time, but much work was still completed. The meeting began with an hour-long lecture about Andover High School’s electricity. First, there was a lesson about understanding the circuit diagram that PanelSpy (located internally at gives us. We looked at power, voltage and current.

PanelSpy sign in page

The PanelSpy sign in page

PanelSpy circuit diagram

The circuit diagram that PanelSpy gave us

Later, the students at the meeting were taken to a room with a transformer with it, and felt the heat that its use generates. Unfortunately, I was unable to make up this experience, but was still able to look at the images and videos my teammates took. Then, the discussion ended with what information the panels on the circuit boards in the high school contain. Finally, we continued to work on the new project that was assigned to us on Day 4.