Introducing the EA Heatmap!

Following the conclusion of the Energize Andover bootcamp for this year, Mr. Navkal reached out to me about a project I’m calling the “Energize Andover Heatmap,” or simply the “Heatmap” for short. I have been given PDF and SVG versions of floor plans for each floor of Andover High School, and will attempt to create an application of some sort that colors each room according to their current temperature.

AHS Level 4

One of the floor plans the heatmap will use, for level 4 of the high school

The Future

I do not have much done yet, but I have many plans and ideas. I will have to do a lot of experimentation with the SVG file format in the near future, and begin thinking about the complicated question of how I will identify a) where a room is in the map and b) the shape of said room within the map. If possible, I would like to make this a web application so it is easy-to-use. I will update this blog with many posts detailing how the final product works when I have finished.